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Friday, March 10, 2006

Energy from Coastal Wind in Bangladesh

Day by day generation of electricity from Wind energy becomes very much promising where wind speed and power density is high. In Bangladesh, mainly at coastal areas there are some Islands and Inlands also where wind energy can play an important role to improve the economy of the country. Different studies show that some inland locations and islands in the coastal part of Bangladesh have a fair potential of wind energy for electricity generation. Wind resource assessment over Bangladesh under the Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment (SWERA) has been done by RISOE using KAMM (Karlsruhe Atmospheric Meso-scale Model), and a comparison between KAMM and WAsP (Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program) analysis has also been done for some coastal locations. Predictions at 50m height show that the wind speed in the coastal areas may vary from 4m/s to 5.8 m/s. But as there is a strong seasonal and diurnal variation in Bangladesh so wind power density is quite higher than for locations having the same annual wind speed with a low speed variation. Some selected areas in Kutubdia, St. Martin’s, Sawndip, Hatya and Charfassion Islands and some of the coastal areas like Kuakata should have a fair potential as wind power density is above 200 w/m2.
Recent technology improvement also shows that manufacturer’s now developing low capacity wind turbines with a lower cut-off speed at around 2.5m/s. So it may be concluded that measured wind speed at hub height of 50m or above could give an accurate assessment of wind energy and its prospect of utilization in Bangladesh
Progressively detailed and updated information on energy from Coastal wind in Bangladesh will be provided in this site;

As an important Island in Bangladesh, Kutubdia has been chosen first. The Island is very much important for salt processing and fishing. More then 0.12 million people are living in this Island where around 3% of them are getting electricity. Wind energy assessment over the Island has been done in Renewable Energy Research Centre, University of Dhaka to find out the potential sites for wind generators. It is found that the Island is very much suitable for small wind electricity system.
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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Solar Energy Technology in Bangladesh – Why?

According to a World Bank funded market survey, there is an existing market size of 0.5 million households for Solar Home Systems (SHS) on a fee-for-service basis in the off-grid areas of Bangladesh. This assessment is based on 1998 expenditure levels on fuel for lighting and battery charging being substituted by SHS. Also it has been observed that in most developing countries, households typically spend not more than 5% of their income on lighting and use of small appliances. By this measure, about 4.8 million rural Bangladeshi households could pay for a solar home system. There is no solar resource constraint for the application of SHS as solar energy is abundant throughout the country.

At present the national grid is serving only 50% of the nearly 10,000 rural markets and commercial centers in rural areas of the country which are excellent markets for centralized mini solar photovoltaic plants. Currently private diesel genset operators are serving in most of the off-grid rural markets and it has been found that 82% of them are also interested in marketing SHS in surrounding areas if some sorts of favorable financing arrangements are available.

Therefore, in those rural areas which cannot be electrified by grid extensions; off grid centralized or single Solar Home Systems (SHS) may be provided for lighting 100,000 households through SHS by 2008 is quite feasible. 100,000 SHS would annually displace 18 million litres of kerosene. Since both, kerosene and diesel are imported in Bangladesh; any reduction in their consumption would help reducing foreign exchange outgo besides making the country that much more secure in terms of energy supply. Due to recent price hike for oil the cost of generation for PV and diesel generator are similar. For Rajshahi, it was found from RET-Screen analysis that for 100kW generation using PV cost is $0.19/kWh while for diesel generator it is $0.21/kWh.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sustainable Bangladesh

This site will mainly discuss on sustainable energy technology in Bangladesh. Energy resources, present condition, future of energy, detail energy review, alternate sources of energy, scopes, future prospects, planning, research and development, business everything related to sustainable development of Bangladesh will be the prime interest of this site. Concerning global energy crisis, global warming, ozone layer depletion, environmental effects and all other measures will be highlighted here.
Poeple from all side in any way related to sustainable energy and development of Bangladesh and who has a passion for clean energy & green Bangladesh are highly appriciated to make their effort here.
From the starting of life to the end of life ... the whole life.. what it is?? ..........."ENERGY"............

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